Teehee mottoWe are always looking for quality subcontractors. At Teehee Engineering we truly value our subcontractors because we understand that the success of our projects is dependent upon maintaining strong relationships with our subcontractors. All of the subcontractors we work with have been prequalified to ensure that they meet our standards for quality and safety. Our subcontractors offer valuable input in design development and/or value engineering. If you are a quality subcontractor, we want to talk with you!

Teehee does not initiate a bid with a broadcast invitation. We make individual calls to our prequalified subcontractors to solicit interest and ultimately to receive competitive bids. Usually we contract four or five subcontractors per trade or CSI code in order to ensure a strong general contractor-to-sub relationship.

If you are a subcontractor interested in working with Teehee Team, please contact us via email:

Teehee contractors
Site Preparation & Interim Facilities,MCAS, Yuma
Teehee contractors
Van Pad Expansion, MCB Camp Pendleton

TEI's Minimum Insurance Requirements

All subcontractors must meet the minimum insurance requirements. Policies must remain in force in order to remain on Teehee Engineering, Inc. (TEI) subcontractor list.

Comprehensive Liability

  • 1. Minimum of $2,000,000 General Aggregate, $2,000,000 Products and Completed Operations Aggregate, and $1,000,000 Occurrence. This may be achieved through primary and excess liability policies
  • 2. TEI and the Customer must be named as Additional Insured (Endorsement must be attached)
  • 3. Primary and Non-contributing Endorsement (Endorsement must be attached)
  • 4. Waiver of Subrogation (Endorsement must be attached)
  • 5. Products/Completed Operations Coverage

Commercial Automobile Liability

  • 1. Minimum $1,000,000 limits of liability
  • 2. Waiver of Subrogation (Endorsement must be attached)


  • 1. Must indicate project and "operations of named insured"
  • 2. Insurance Carrier (s) and Surety Company (s) must be rated an "A7" or better in the "Best's Key Rating Guide" and licensed in the state of California
  • 3. Thirty (30) day Notice of Cancellation as to all policies and bonds
  • 4. Claims made and modified Occurrence Polices are not acceptable